Tom Slootbeek

Game Designer

Designing Better Players

My goal with making games is to help players have a longer term joyous and fulfilling experience by focusing on the way players get feedback and helping them in learning the game. I love making experiences where players get to collaborate and work to defeat AI or other players and equipping them with the right tools to be able to do this. I do this through using my extensive understanding gained through helping hundreds of people make long term behavioural changes working at HealthyGamer and a history of reading scientific literature and the application of techniques and insights from other domains such as psychology and education.


A competitive 1v1 local multiplayer game inspired by tag set in a futuristic utopia with parkour-based movement.

Roles: Game Design, Level Design, Team Lead
Engine: Unity
Project Length: 3 Months – 2020


An Unreal prototype of Evasion with added networked multiplayer, new arenas and a 2v2 mode.

Roles: Programming, Level Design
Engine: Unreal
Project Length: 4 Months – 2023


A game for the Ministry of Justice and Safety to showcase the possible future technologies that could have an impact on policing.

Roles: Game Design, Team Lead
Engine: Unity
Project Length: 3 Months – 2019

Next Generation

A two-player stealth co-op game where you play a small robot that is tasked with escaping the assembly line together with your friend through collaboration and communication.

Roles: Game Design, Level Design
Engine: Unity
Project Length: 2 Months – 2018

I Know How

An interactive experience for the Hogeschool Zeeland designed for people who got diagnosed with cancer to help them tackle difficult social situations surrounding their diagnosis.

Roles: Game Design, Programming
Engine: Unity
Project Length: 12 Months (parttime) – 2022

Esports Reflection & Improvement Tool

An interactive online tool that helps players and teams improve their growth in and out of game. Through the tracking of personalized targets and creating shared commitments and values to increase team unity and strength.

Roles: Design, Performance Coach
Tools Used: Google Sheets, Adobe XD, Unity
Project Length: 3 Months – 2020

Overwatch Concept Level

A concept King of the Hill map for Overwatch which takes place in the Favelas.

Roles: Level Design
Engine: Unity
Project Length: 1 Month – 2018

5 Steps from Newb to Pro

A package of improvements for the player experience for the game of Overwatch focusing on helping it make clearer for players on showing and helping them obtain progress and improving the competitive environment.

Roles: Game Design
Tools Used: Research Articles, Photoshop, Adobe XD, One Note
Project Length: 1 Month – 2018

Hoodoo Voodoo

An 1v1 RTS game played in AR where players need to use physical objects to redirect virtual units on the playing field.

Roles: Game Design, Programming, Team Lead
Engine: Unity
Project Length: 2 Months – 2018