About Me

From an early age I was obsessed with video games, playing them every day, trying to become better and beating my friends. I loved them so much that even during class I would draw my own versions of Mario levels and tried to get a group together to try and create a game, but that didn’t amount to much at that time…

During High School I engaged in a lot of group projects where you were given eight weeks to solve a problem by doing research, coming up with a solution and creating a prototype of this solution. These projects laid the foundation for my research-based design.
Finding myself still very much engaged in games after High School and having experience in research and team-oriented projects. I wanted to work on helping improve my creative solutions and decided to study Game Design.

I also grew up in an environment with the access to a lot of knowledge about educational systems, during my study I want to expand my own knowledge on this and find ways that they could be applied to games. I have since done a lot of self-study into some other fields as well: Psychology, Sport Psychology, Educational feedback methods and others.

My main passion is towards games where people need to collaborate and work together both in more friendly and competitive environments. I’ve played competitive games and sports since I was young and always loved the intensity and the drive it requires to get good at something, this contributed to my ability to persevere and pursue things that I really cared about.

During my time working at HealthyGamer (an online peer support startup) where I worked with both individual clients and groups. I gained a deep understanding of what leads to long term behavioural change. This taught me valuable communication skills to work in all sorts of environments and learning how to listen, ask meaningful questions, spotting patterns and analysing the root of a problem and crafting next steps together to live a more fulfilled life.

All these experiences have made me realize that games are a powerful tool that can be used as the perfect training ground where people can practice skills that aren’t only relevant in game on trying to outplay the game or another player, but also have some real world benefit and I believe that making games is one of the best ways to help become better versions of themselves both individually and in collaboration with others.