Journey of Growth

An interactive online tool that helps players and teams improve their growth in and out of game. Through the tracking of personalized targets and creating shared commitments and values to increase team unity and strength.

Genre: Tool, Interactive
Tools Used: Google Sheets, Adobe XD, Unity
Team Size: 1
Project Length: 3 Months – 2020

Game Design
– Made a interactive tool that can work for players in up and coming esports teams to help facilitate faster growth in and out of the game and become not only a better player but also person.
– Worked with 3 T2 Overwatch esports teams and helped them as a mental/performance coach.
– Actively and consistently used this tool over a period of 2 months with a team.
– Designed a clear framework of how players can prioritize what they want to work on, what they would need to do and, how they could obtain their goal. Leading to more focused and effective training sessions.
– Designed a framework which made players consider their long term goals and direction which lead to higher commitment and clearer expectations.
– Made 3 concepts as to what a future gamified version of this tool would look like and how it could be made more appealing and accessible to users.
– Wrote a research paper on the application of outside knowledge in the esports environment.

These are three different aesthetic ways that this concept could be presented to increase accessibility and a sense of progress among the users.
1. A dungeon crawler theme
2. An exploration theme
3. A classic pen and paper RPG theme