An 1v1 local multiplayer game, where the players use their parkour movement to capture and carry the spark so they can capture and hold all the holofields.

Genre: Competitive, Parkour
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 4
Project Length: 3 Months – 2020

Game Design
– Designed 5 distinct game design pillars that laid the foundation for the game.
– Created an initial vision through a pre-made presentation.
– Did market research into existing domains and possible market gaps to create a game which aligns with a potential audience and sponsors.
– Designed and balanced a game mode to create an experience which allowed for tension and comebacks.
– Designed a trail behind the player and a ring around the arena to show where the Spark holder is at all times.

Level Design
– Created over 20+ different iterations on the level.
– Used research information on flowing shapes as inspiration for the level.
– Focused on creating a level that incorporated vertical elements to make the arena more unique.
– Together with an artist designed an object toolbox that allowed for easily iterative design and the creation of many variations.

Team Lead
– Held daily stand-up meetings to allow people to update each other on progress that had been made.
– At the end of every week strategized to see if the game was still going according to plan or if things needed some additional direction.
– Facilitated collaborative brainstorm sessions where everyone felt safe to voice their opinions.
– Facilitated monthly fireside chats to check in with all the team members mental wellbeing.