“Designing Better Players”

Tom Slootbeek


What I love about games is that they can truly test your skills in the most expansive ways. But I believe that there is room for games to help you teach those skill as well. Because I think that is just as important as testing them. Most of the skills we learn through games could also be applied not only within other games but also within real life.

There is currently in my opinion a lot of untapped potential for games to help the players grow and improve. I want to not only help those games realize their potential, but I wnat to help the players themselves as well. This could help games move forward and help players get more enjoyment out of their games for a longer period in time as there is always something to improve upon.

The key to this is looking at other knowledge fields and pulling knowledge from those fields so that they could be applied to games. Then we use this knowledge to create tools and ways for the players to recognize what they need to learn, what their mistakes are and how we can help them grow. Because at the end of the day, the journey is more important than the destination.


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