Hoodoo Voodoo

A two-player versus game where both players take control of a temple with two towers, these towers will constantly spawn units and the players can strategically place down blockades to re-direct these units. The goal is to destroy each other’s temples.

Genre: RTS, Augmented Reality
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 5
Project Length: 2 Months – 2018

Game Design
– Goal of the design was to make a game which is accessible to players unfamiliar with RTS games and allowing for skill based outplay and not relying on randomness.
– Balanced the game to make sure that players don’t snowball and that there aren’t any meta breaking strategies, by making the base a bit larger and implementing comeback mechanics.
– Did research into AR and RTS by looking at already existing products which allowed us to realize the main advantage of AR is the use of interactive physical space which is combined really well with the RTS genre.

– Programmed the top down Unity prototype to test out the gameplay and balancing of the game.

Team Lead
– Facilitated communication between the artists and the programmer, resolved conflicts and made sure that both parties were aware of what they were doing which lead to smoother cooperation.
– Led the brainstorming and the creative vision of the project but made room for people to have their own input and ideas on that vision.