Hoodoo Voodoo

Game Description

A two-player  versus game where both players take control of a temple with two towers, these towers will constantly spawn units and the players can strategically place down blockades to re-direct these units. The goal is to destroy each other’s temples.

Goal of the Project

To create a game that makes use of either AR or VR technology.

My Role Within the Project

The creation of the virtual prototype.
Leading the team.
Designing the mechanics of the game.
Balancing of the mechanics.
Research into RTS and AR

Things I’ve Learned

The basics on how to design for AR, most importantly that you have to really take care of your markers so that they are recognized in game.
How to make a simple 1v1 game where the core of the gameplay experience is centered around trying to outplay each other.
Making sure that there is enough counterplay so that a snowball won’t make the other player hopeless.
Basic ways on how to set up a prototype and make it easily adjustable for refinement.

Resources Used

One Note

Gameplay Experience

Opposed to normal RTS games where you are juggling a lot of mental processes this game requires you to also physically move.
This adds another layer of stress and physicality that makes it really fun. The players are constantly forced to move around the table and
revise their strategy on where they should place their barricades and try and outplay their enemies.


Players can move towers on the side of the boards and these towers will continuously spawn units.
Players will start with one tower and if their health is at half a second tower will start spawning units.
Players can place up to 5 barricades to re-orient not only their own but also enemy units.