I Know How

An interactive experience for the Hogeschool Zeeland targeted at people who got diagnosed with cancer to help them tackle difficult situations surrounding their diagnosis.

Genre: Point-and-Click, Narrative, Simulation
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 2
Project Length: 12 Months (parttime) – 2022

Game Design
– Designed an experience which translates a website into a digital interactive playthrough with a focus on accessibility and simplicity because it caters to an older and inexperienced digital audience.
– Designed 2 levels which represent real world areas to make the experience more immersive.
– Made 5+ UI concepts to help with the flow of the game and make it accessible for players who are inexperienced gamers.

– Programmed a point-and-click movement system with pathfinding which is complemented by clickable UI elements.
– Implemented an array of emotions that would display on characters faces based on triggers in the conversation.
– Made in-game cutscenes as to create a dynamic flow from movement based gameplay to conversation based interaction.
– Linked underlying background systems of generated conversations and scalable scenario selection to the front end player experience.