A game for the Ministry of Justice and Safety to showcase the possible future technologies that could have an impact on policing.

Genre: 2D, Narrative, Point-and-Click
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 5
Project Length: 3 Months – 2019

Game Design
– Designed a gameplay loop that made players think and allowed players to come to their own conclusions with three different outcomes for each character.
– Designed three different characters with backstory and additional information to allow for multiple interpretations.
– Designed three endings per character as to give the player choice and consequence for their actions.
– Co-created a boardgame version of the game as a physical prototype.

Team Lead
– Presented an early version of the game at a public conference at the Ministry of Justice and Safety.
– Communicated with the client to align expectations and create a concept from initial thoughts and ideas.
– Communicated and presented progress and iteration to the client in bi-weekly meetings.
– Facilitated communication through daily check-ins between the programming and art department which got everyone on the same page.