5 Steps from Newb to Pro

A package of improvements for the player experience for the game of Overwatch focusing on helping it make clearer for players on showing and helping them obtain progress and improving the competitive environment.

Tools Used: Research Articles, Photoshop, Adobe XD, One Note
Team Size: 1
Project Length: 4 Weeks – 2019

Game Design
– Players often lack the fundament skills to play at more competitive levels, introducing a tiered system of tutorial that update over time would get the players up to speed and allow them to continuously learn new information.
– After giving players the fundamentals it’s important that are made aware in game what they can focus on and be given direct feedback as to how they are doing towards that goal.
– The ranked system currently prioritizes status and outcome over growth, by giving players more insight in to how they are doing better and progressing it will lead to them feeling more motivated and excited about continuing.
– Games often feel disorganized without having clearly defined intentions, by creating a group finder where people are ground on the way that they want to play the game it will lead to more cohesive teams and a more enjoyable experience.
– The way players are punished for toxic behaviour is often way too late and has little impact. Adding more immediate feedback with additional explanation as to what they got punished for and adding a clear distinction of what good and bad behaviour looks like would help improve player behaviour. Additionally, adding a reform test for players to get them to practice good behaviourto help reshape the toxic player base.