Next Generation

A two player stealth co-op game where you play a small robot that is tasked with escaping the assembly line together with your friend through using the help of one another.

Genre: 3D
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 4
Project Length: 8 Weeks – 2018

Game Design
– Made a research presentation through the analysis of existing games with the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of my team members on co-op and stealth.
– Made a design document which included all the game’s mechanics and stealth mechanics.
– Designed an AI stealth state machine, with the intent of making clear, observable behaviour and allowing for some leeway if they are spotted.
– Designed the player characters with lower height to limit vision and encourage players to communicate.
– Designed a mechanic that allowed players to throw each other which allowed for cooperative play and the creation of a dynamic where players could communicate AI and patrol locations to each other.

Level Design
– Implemented areas of high ground to allow players to overlook the level to communicate strategy.
– Made the high ground of the map shorter areas but also unaffected by the AI giving the high ground player space to communicate and help the player on the ground.
– Intentionally obstructed vision to promote players to seek high ground to enable cooperative play.
– Designed patrol routes that were predictable and allowed for gaps that the players could slip through and outsmart the AI.