Game Description

You play together as two robots who are conscious and are trying to escape a robot recycling factory. The robots are quite small so their vision is limited, to combat this they are able to launch each other to the high ground to gain vantage points and provide information to each other. The game is played as a local co-op split-screen experience.

Goal of the Project

To create an entertainment game that was centered around co-op that wasn’t reliant on already existing tropes.

My Role Within the Project

Designing the mechanics
Level Design
Research into Stealth
Research into Co-Op

Things I’ve Learned

Improved my knowledge on Stealth design.
Learned more about how co-op works and how to facilitate it.
Learned more about Level Design and improved my methodology.

Resources Used

SketchUp Layout
Gamasutra Articles
One Note

Gameplay Experience

Because the players are limited in vision they have to communicate and provide information to each other, the player on the low ground also has less time so this could cause some stress as they have to communicate and actively avoid the guards.


Every movement the players make will produce a sound which has a chance to lure a guard.
Players can launch one another in an arc, one player controls the rotation and one player controls the velocity.
When the player lands it will produce a sound which can attract a guard.
Guards will try and spot the player, if spotted they will first try and pursue the player and try and catch and destroy him. Once destroyed the player will instantly respawn and try again.