Favela Level Design

A concept King of the Hill map for Overwatch which takes place in the Favelas.

Target Game: Overwatch
Tools Used: Unity
Team Size: 1
Project Length: 1 Month – 2018

Level Design
– The intent of the map was to make it more close-range focused, but still giving ample opportunities to flank both horizontally and vertically to make sure that holding chokes doesn’t become the predominant strategy.
– Chose a location based off research about existing map locations in Overwatch
– Analysed the map flows from existing Overwatch maps to use that as a basis for my own map.
– Chose for a symmetrical layout as to not disadvantage either team for a King of the Hill map.
– Designed the map with callouts in mind, as to create spaces that are easily recognizable and can have a distinct name.
– Made sure that at all time the player had a minimum of three choices they could make in terms of their direction around the map.