Pace (Prototype)

An 1v1 or 2v2 networked multiplayer game, where the players use their parkour movement to capture and carry the spark so they can capture and hold all the holofields.

Genre: Competitive, Parkour
Engine: Unreal
Team Size: 1
Project Length: 4 Months – 2023

– Implemented networked multiplayer into the game.
– Created a lobby system where players can join through the EOS environment.
– Created a gameplay system where players can capture the spark with added visual vfx, the player can pass the spark and opposing players can take the spark away.
– Added a fully functioning UI that dynamically displays the score, current spark holder and whether the player has the ability to pass.
– Used visual blueprints to create parkour movement where the player can climb walls, wall run and jump off of walls.

Game Design
– Created three different levels with different shapes that focused on creating flow and vertical mobility.
– Designed four different abilities which allow the player to enhance their movement or strategically outplay their opponent.